Saturday, February 24, 2018

Content Management System (CMS)

The CMS easily allows the addition of more categories with as many sub-categories as the user would like. Adding in a dedicated Gallery page a few months down the line for example is easily achievable. Adding in news articles, latest products, advertising slogans (in CMS language known as a newsflash) scrolling through as many adverts or whatever the client wishes.
However we offer changes as part of our hosting package. Due to the nature of the website changes will be made quickly, more efficiently, and will be live on your
website with maximum effect in no time. This is included in our hosting package.

Responsive Layouts
Our websites have built in cellphone functionality. This allows browsers surfing the internet from their cellphone to view your website. This is not a huge trend as yet but is becoming increasingly popular. This type of development is called responsive layouts or responsive design. Responsive web design is a form of website designing that uses adjustable layouts, resizing images and cascading style sheet media queries. The objective of responsive web design is to detect the browser’s screen size and layout and display the website in the format that most suits the device being used.

Old versus new technology
A true CMS website allows you to add new menu buttons, new pictures, new pages, more pictures in the animation, news articles, polls, usage tracker, etc all updateable from the admin backend. Should you wish to add or change anything else on most static html websites you need to do it offline first, then upload the changes. This is both time consuming and costly. With our CMS you do the changes in the backend then click apply and it is immediately uploaded onto the website. No more using 3 programs to design a website.
It is much more efficient and user friendly.
The design of the website is also more comprehensive with as many as 70 different module positions. Our CMS websites have many different configurations allowing for a more pleasing look and feel to the website.

Browser Support
Another thing our websites offer is combatibility with ALL browsers:
Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 8 and up.

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